Growing up is hard. Leaving home can be harder.

Especially when home is safe, nurturing, comforting. When home is stifling and smothering, it is easier. Most are a mix. That’s when it is the hardest.

Zorah’s home is a mix. Her ‘newmama’ wants her to stay home on the farm. But her pa had a secret life before the farm, one he is reluctant to share for fear of leading her astray. He does not want her to chase a dream that cannot end well.

Deep rooted desires battle with strong feelings of doubt and obligation in Zorah’s struggle to find a way forward. Her persistent efforts to carve out her own path lead to the revelation of a long kept secret. Will it help resolve her own conflicts and prepare her for the road ahead? In the midst of her confusion a bystander turns into an ally and helps her find her own path.

Zorah’s future becomes intertwined with Matilda Briscoe as part of the Mat Briscoe Series by C.V. Alba. These gripping crime thrillers are rooted in the fast-paced business world of high-tech.

Along with Mat, Zorah encounters dishonesty, cover-ups, half-truths, and outright lies as thrilling as any murder mystery. These stories provide fast-paced action and adventure interlaced with a strong friendship between Mat and Zorah.

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