e-llegal code – Mat Briscoe Series Book #2

Read the exciting follow-on to e-llegal commerce!

IT whiz Mat Briscoe is hired to maintain Detective Greene’s dying computers. When a strange piece of hardware is discovered on the body of a college student, he insists Mat follow him to the morgue. There she meets diminutive medical examiner Hector who hands over a computer disk and challenges Mat to decipher it.

Before she can make sense of the disk, Mat finds an unconscious woman in a bed of blood. Soon she learns of the woman’s relationship to Dan Collins, a charismatic politician running for a local office. He vows to win at all costs. It isn’t long before more bodies turn up and clues point to Dan and his henchman Jim, as the guilty parties.

Aided by Professor Lynn Peterson, Mat digs into Dan Collins’ past. With new beau Greg, she is pulled into a world of political intrigue that includes a mistress, murder, and voter fraud. Could Dan, she wonders, be behind it all? When she confronts Dan, he threatens to ruin her career and Greene’s unless she stops asking questions. Left on her own, she continues to dig for the truth, risking the lives of her friends as well as her own. The heart stopping ending reveals new relationships, and an ally who has been hiding in plain sight.

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