C.V. Alba

Author of the Mat Briscoe Series

C.V. Alba is the author of action-packed mystery novels set in the urban environment of 1990s Washington D.C. These gripping crime thrillers are drawn from her career in the fast-paced business world of high-tech.

There she encountered dishonesty, cover-ups, half-truths and outright lies–even murder and crime as thrilling as any murder mystery.  From those experiences she developed her strong female protagonist. Her mystery stories provide fast-paced action and adventure mixed with romance and strong friendships.  

C.V. Alba grew up in Europe and the United States. She loves detective and murder mysteries solved by strong, assertive but vulnerable women. She also enjoys walking, music, and most of all, her family. She resides in Virginia with her husband.

C.V. Alba’s work has been published in the Blue Ridge Writers Journal and the Journal of the Virginia Writers Project

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