e-llegal commerce – Mat Briscoe Series Book #1

Winner of a 5 Star Review from Readers Favorite Book Awards and Reviews!

Computer whiz Mat Briscoe is looking for a new start to escape a disappointing love affair and a stagnant career. A big city seems the perfect answer, a chance to start fresh and forget in the high-tech business world of 1990s Washington, D.C.

Hired to replace someone who was killed in the office she occupies, Mat has questions but they are met with silence, evasive answers and hostility.

Veiled threats and clues her predecessor left behind hint at an illegal shadow business. But who is behind it? The brilliant technical expert with a personality problem? Her old flame Curt? A close friend? And what are they trying to hide?

After assaults on her roommate Zorah and co-workers, she becomes determined to find out who is behind all of it. She hatches a dangerous plan to uncover the guilty parties but is fired before she can pursue it. Unexpectedly, her old boyfriend Curt turns up and hints he is involved with dangerous elements in her new company.  They team up and uncover a world of intrigue, perversion and exploitation hiding behind the ordinary business world at Kinross.

Friends from her past and present come together to discover the illegal business behind the business at Kinross Associates. In the exciting conclusion, she discovers a relationship between personalities from her past and present that intertwine in a world of intrigue, perversion, and exploitation.

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